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At 35, I was running out of energy and felt like my body was falling apart. I was drowning in prescription bottles; obviously these were not the answer.  Enough was enough.  

I was sick and tired of being sick and tired.    

Do you have the same situation in your life?  
Do you want to feel better?
Do you want more energy?  

Watch my story as told on Fox10 Phoenix!

Better Understanding - Better Relationsips - Better Sales
Ever worked on a dysfunctional team?  
Ever butted heads with your boss? 
Missed clues while trying to make a sale?  

Most of us have.  It is so hard to read what other people are thinking.  But what if you could?  

What if you had a tool to speak their language, identify their motives and make you more successful in everything you do?

The Color Code provides an easy way to understand the personality of others and shows how they may react in certain situations.  

Are you a Red (power-wielder), a Blue (do-gooder), a White (peacekeeper), or a Yellow (fun-lover)??
About Sandra Kipnes
Sandra Mitzi Giani Kipnes, CPA, CMA, MBA, MAIS, is a speaker, trainer, accountant and owner of the One Hour CFO and Imagine120.  Sandra is extremely passionate about health, wellness and the  science of how the human body works, even down to the DNA level.  Her affiliation with Univera allows her to bring these passions to others.  And she loves it!

Throughout her career, Sandra has had the pleasure of working with various corporate teams that have come together and worked better through the Color Code and her skills as a certified trainer.  

While not working, Sandra is an avid fan of the Green Bay Packers, leading member of her local Toastmasters group and loves spending time with her husband Adam and her four legged kids, Mae, Cody, Bigs and Littles.
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